Why Do People Read Blogs?

1. People want to connect.

Sometimes this means they want to connect by interacting with you, leaving comments or tweeting with you.

Sometimes they want to connect by simply dropping by, lurking but smiling and nodding in agreement, as they learn that someone else feels the same as they do about something, even in their very different life.


2. People are interested in People.

People read blogs for the personal touch the blog offers over a magazine, newspaper or advert.

They like that there’s a human behind the blog who shares their ups and downs, their tips or life hacks, and asks for advice back from readers.

Readers stop by a blog again and again to hear how a story progresses: is your child beating that illness, is the house renovation progressing nicely, are the raised vegetable beds producing—oh, and they love to hear how to make those veg beds too.

Readers also enjoy watching a blogger’s writing style develop over time.


3. People are curious.

Blog readers are fascinated by glimpses into different lifestyles, homes, hobbies and points of view. Blogs offer insight into every day lives, how it feels to be that person, and live that life.


4. People like to know they’re not alone.

Sharing your stories helps people to realise that lots and lots of people across the globe experience something similar.


5. People like to improve.

Blogs are the perfect place for learning from others.

People like to discover if there’s a better way of doing what they do. Through blogs we can learn how others deal with step-kids, or how to bake something different for a friend’s birthday cake or what to do about carrots that won’t grow straight, or how others cope with redundancy.


6. People like to feel normal.

Real stories about real people coping with real situations—both the bad and the fab, are some of the beautiful things about reading blogs.


Ikaw? Ano ang dahilan mo? Bakit ka nag babasa ng Blog?


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